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GkWare MHEG-5 Engine


The StreamGuru/GkWare MHEG-5 Engine

The GkWare MHEG-5 Engine is a portable MHEG-5 stack that can be integrated into almost any existing receiver firmware. 

Engine features:

  • compatible with the DTG D-Book 6 (UK Profile 1.06)
  • compatible with CI-Plus
  • DSM-CC object carousel engine included
  • reference targets are available for the following platforms:
    • ARM9
    • SH4
    • MIPS
    • x86 (Standalone Emulator & Live Player for BDA DVB-T cards)
  • fully integrated middleware packages are available directly from us or from selected development partners

Integration requirements:

  • ARGB, AYUV or palettized OSD Framebuffer with support for alpha-blending
  • ANSI C/C++ Compiler
  • APIs for section filtering, elementary stream control and MPEG I-Frame decoding


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